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" The cat is an independent creature, than prisoner of the man does not consider itself and establishes at par with he a relationship ".

Konrad Lorenz

" Music and the cats are an optimal shelter from the miseries of life "

Albert schweitzer

" It is not easy to conquer the friendship of a cat. It will grant its friendship to you if you will show to deserve of the honor, but will not be never your slave."

Théophile Gautier

" A cat does not ask, takes."


" it is not possible to possess a cat. In the best one of the hypotheses it can at par be with they associates "

Sir Harry Swanson

" the cats are all how many freelance."

Sy Fisher

" A writer without a cat is inconceivable. Sure it is one chosen perverse, since he would be simpler to write with a buffalo in the room rather than with a cat. They crouch between your notes,bite the pens and walk on the keys of the typewriter "

Holland Barbarian

" Also smallest of the felines, the cat, is a masterpiece."

Leonardo from You win

" A cat does not buy itself: he is he that it possesses to you."

Tom Poston

" The relationship with a cat previews one dedication total. It cannot be limited to fill up they the flat of food and to clean up the litter box."

Paul Corey

" If it were possible to intercross the man with the cat, the thing would improve the man, but of sure it would get worse the cat."

Mark Twain

" Me had been said that the taming with the cats is much difficult one. It is not true. Mine it has tamed to me in a pair of days."

Bill Dana

" The dogs teach to us to love; the cats they teach living to us."

M. Malloy

" To love a cat it means to appreciate the nature: they choose who to love and they do not depend on nobody."

Dr. Michael Fox

" If you do not want that the cat way I lean to you while slept, bè, you decide to sleep in feet! "

G. W. Eskow

" The more ugly cat that I have never seen was simply wonderful."

Marilyn Peterson

" The idea that they have the cats of the comfort is absolutely incomprensibile to the humans."


" The cats they are infinitely friendlier of the dogs. You have never seen a trust Attention to the cat?

Leonard Grainger

" When the greens eyes of a cat scan into of you ,you can be sure that any thing means to say you is the truth."

Lillian Moore

" The love for the cats is part of the universal love for all creatures and us inborn to a deep respect for the nature."

Dr. Michael Fox

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