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Deisy introduces the Micimiao family.


Hi everyone, my name is Deisy: I’m a Persian cat and I was born in 1996.

I’m here to introduce my family: first of all there’s my Mommy Tamara (the one who’s cuddling me in the picture) who is the conceiver and webmaster of the site. Then there’s Loris, my Daddy, who loves us both so very much.

I was adopted in September ’99. I had been abandoned and they picked me up and  gave me a lot of love, cuddles and vices.

Besides my family there are other people who collaborate in the growth of the site. First of all Roberto Allegri (writer and journalist, who contributes to the site with articles about cats), to whom we address lots of particular thanks for making the site grow.

In the Micimiao forum we also have the so called “moderators” who help us organizing all the different sections so that users can express their experience with cats.

 And then, last but not least, there is you: the visitors. You send pictures of your cats and their stories, you sign our guest book and always support us everytime you access the site.

To you all I send a meowy meow and a prrrr…prrrr…

I do hope you will like this site.

Meooww meoowww to all!

Un ringraziamento a Sabry per la traduzione - Thanks Sabry for the translation

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