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Test for cats lovers


Take this test and find out if you’ve become Kitty-addicted

(answer the questions “yes” or “no” and write the answers down)


  • Do you have or did you ever have a cat (or more than one?)
  • Did you ever feel like you were the pet?
  • Do you spend more time cuddling with your cat than reading a book or watching TV?
  • Do your cats eat better than you do?
  • Is your cat’s furniture in a better shape than yours?
  • Does your cat have more toys than you have?
  • Do you spend more money for your cat rather than for your necessities?
  • Is your cat considered a family member, with his own right to vote?
  • Do you ever snuggle up in bed in order to make more room for your cat/cats?
  • Did you ever buy a larger bed in order to make more room for your cat/cats or did you ever consider the idea to?
  • Are nose-prints on the window a regular mark?
  • Did you ever lay down on the floor and started playing with your cat’s toys in order to amuse him?
  • Do you ever mimic a cat’s meowing or purring?
  • Can you purr while breathing in and out?
  • Do you call yourself and your partner kitty’s Mom and Dad?
  • Do you talk about your cat calling him your “fuzzy baby”?
  • Did you ever move to a different place in order to give more comfort to your cat?
  • Did you ever chose your partner according to your cat’s advice?
  • Did you ever spend time just watching your cat sleeping?
  • Did you ever go to the supermarket to buy something necessary like toilet paper, shampoo etc…and then leave with a bunch of cats’ toys and completely forgetting the reason why you had gone shopping?
  • Did you ever change your sleeping habits or positions in order to increase your cat’s comfort?
  • Did you ever find yuorself sleeping in the same exact position of your cat?
  • Did you ever move the furniture around so that the cat could access the window more easily?
  • Does your books,magazines and videotapes’ collection about cats take a whole shelf?
  • Is cats’ topic a very important decorating subject in your house?
  • Did you ever find yourself watching birds outside the window with your cat?
  • Is cat’s fur one of your basic foods?
  • Did you ever open a cat tin and think: “It smells good”?
  • Do you like cats more than most of the people?
  • Do you feel guilty if you go out for dinner and you take nothing home for your cat?
  • Do you spend more time after the cat than after yourself?
  • Did you ever change the Tv channel to a pets’ show so that your cat could watch it?
  • Do you spend more time on cats’ chat-rooms and web pages rather than on any other subject?
  • Do you read magazines’ cuttings or books to your cats?
  • Are cats the most fascinating creatures of the world?

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Sum all the “yes” answers up and find out your feline score!

8 or less: you got the virus but you’re still pretty sane. Give it some more time.

9-16: You’re a medium feline case. Don’t go looking for remedies, there’s no treatment. Now it’s time to start playing with your cat’s toys and go looking for new ones all over the house. Work some more on your “meoowww”. The tone is still too low.

17-26: You’re in critical conditions. Cats have a firm control of your life. You’re at a point where everything concerning cats is more interesting then people’s life. Your purring may need some little adjustments.

27 +: Your a honorary cat, you can wash whenever and wherever you prefer. Your purring and meowing are under control. It’s not rare to find you thinking like a cat.

Un ringraziamento a Sabry per la traduzione - Thanks Sabry for the translation


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